Sunday, January 23, 2011

Princess Mommy

I must admit, I have become my mother's daughter.

Countless years spent teasing my sweet mama about her almost religious weekly hair appointments, and now, I too look forward to my time in the chair.

When hair is new and then...all is right with the world?  Well, at least all is right with mommy.

She feels just a little bit better, more refreshed.

Sound shallow?  Surely not.

This trip to my hairdresser and friend Emily's chair resulted in fun, yet fleeting curls.

Princess hair that as a mom of boys, you really appreciate having, since there really isn't a prom night or a gala ball in sight.

When I came home with my red carpet worthy doo my boys just stared at me with looks that said, "What the heck?"

But once they got used to it, they gave it a thumbs up.  My 5-year-old even said, "I like your springy boingy hair mama."

My oldest said, "You do not look like my mommy, but cool."

So for a night, I had Hollywood hair.  I will never be able to replicate this, but for a moment, just like Cinderella, I enjoyed my starlet hair.

Once midnight came (actually this Cinderella made it more 11:00'ish) the curls had to compete with the pull and gravity of my pillow against my temporary lovely locks. 

It's the little girlie things like this that keep us boy mamas running with some pink and polka dots.

A great reminder to enjoy the little things and savor being a girl even when you are surrounded by mud pies, shovels, and wiggly worms.  Maybe I can use those mud pies as part of some new facial treatment?  Hmmm? 


Unknown said...

So true & I love the pic!!!
Stopping by from SomeGirl's link-up today! Excited to explore your blog! =) Hope you have a wonderful week!

Laurie Wallin said...

Three cheers for hairdresser day! I totally know what you mean. And I have four girls... but they're mostly tomboys :). Glad you enjoyed your do! (and nice to meet you via Some Girl's Website's linky!)

Cindy said...

Such a fun post! I have an embroidered pillow with a ruffle on our bed...Michael hates it, even though his grandmother made it...and I keep it just for that little feminine touch! :)