Monday, November 30, 2009

The Hype of Cyber Monday

Did you hear it is Cyber Monday? I just heard last night on my local news. Actually they called it Black Cyber Monday, like Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving when retailers traditionally get out of the red for the year with Holiday shopping. So when I heard the term "Cyber Monday" I said to myself, "you've got to be kidding." It sounds to me that Cyber Monday could be some good ole fashioned hoodwinking from some marketing savy folks, someplace, somewhere in a room thinking up the next big thing. I decided to investigate.

Yes, indeedy...Cyber Monday is a made up marketing word trend for your shopping enjoyment. Way back in 2005 the term was coined by as part of the National Retail Federation's designed to serve as a portal for Cyber Monday deals and offers. It is a fake holiday and apparently we've bought into it with consumer fever.

Some out there like to boycott this day as a no shopping day to protest what they call a useless media buzzword and liken it to holiday induced "fluff journalism" and forced trending.

I'm O.K. with Cyber Monday, especially since I am finding great deals, free shipping, and bonus savings. I especially love these Swedish pajamas and the free shipping deals. So here I am on the bandwagon of this fake holiday and as I click through my savings I marvel at how some marketing folks in a room in 2005 created their very own national day of shopping. Happy cyber deal hunting!