Monday, September 20, 2010

Kid Kindness and the Claw

It is so tempting with all those smiling fuzzy bears and shiny prizes, the lure of the claw machine is almost too much to bear.

"Mama, can we try?  Mama, can I have a dollar?"

If you concentrate really hard you can actually see your dollar slipping out of the claw machine's loose and slivery grasp.

Such is the scene on a day when our five year old just cashed in his coins for a nice bank roll, $7.50 to be exact.  A trip to the store is almost a given with that much money burning a hole in your play shorts.

"Honey don't try

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quality TIme with the Baby

 This Wednesday Middle B'ee is at big boy school today and Little B'ee is beside himself with some one on one mommy time.

As we drove away from the school after leaving big brother for the first time, Little B'ee just kept asking where his brother went.

"Whe Bubba go?  Whe Bubba go?  Whe Bubba go?  Whe Bubba go?"

After he realized we didn't leave Bubba for nothing.  Little B'ee settles into this new routine