Thursday, May 29, 2008

About the Mommy Message

Welcome to Mommy Message.

Here we hope you find a message that strikes a chord in your daily parenting journey. Whether it is news to inform, healthy recipes to enjoy, or words to inspire or entertain, we hope you find it on the Mommy Message.

Heather, or Mommy Bee, is wife to a sweet husband, and mommy to three splendid B'ee boys.

All have a B first initial, all are certainly busy as a bee, and each boy loves to eat honey.

In between peanut butter and jelly (or honey rather) sandwiches, Heather blogs at the Mommy Message with stories on the latest parenting trends, daily inspirations, and goings on in the world of little ones.

Heather has over 16 years experience in television news reporting, anchoring, producing and teaching.  She now works as a freelance television journalist covering stories on education, environment, fitness and health, technology, and enjoys doing personal profiles on the occasional alligator farmer or bee keeper.

Thanks for stopping by the Bee Hive.

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