Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mommy Message Alert: Baby Sling Recall

More than one million baby slings are being voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer after deaths involving the carriers in the past year.

The "SlingRider" and "Wendy Bellissimo" slings, made by Infantino, are tied to at least three infant deaths. 
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) advises consumers to stop using this product for children under the age of 4 months old and to send in for a replacement.

Recently Mommy Message told you about the caution the CPSC issued over the safety of the baby slings. 

Without calling name brands..
the CPSC warned parents and caregivers to use caution when using the slings especially with young infants with little neck control saying the slings could pose a risk of suffocation.

This hits close to home because we used this sling, this very brand, when we welcomed our premature son into the world two years ago. I have loaned the baby sling to friends and family and just reading about the recall gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. 
Some of the mothers who lost their children while using the slings are now speaking out with their heartbreaking stories of loss.

The CPSC says at least 14 deaths in the last 20 years were associated with the popular product. 

For more information on this recall and ways you can keep your child safe while in infant carriers head to the CPSC site.


Michelle said...

That is so sad! Could you imagine!? You think you're being loving and kind carrying your baby around in a sling and he/she dies... I shudder to think about it! Brings tears to my eyes...

I'll share this on my FB page to spread the word!

Mommy Message said...

Me too..I know, we loved using that sling and our little one loved riding in it. We always tried to make sure his face was up away from the material, but you can't control that all the time with a wiggly newborn.
My heart goes out to the mothers who lost their babies.