Saturday, March 27, 2010

Missing My Mom

It has been two years since my sweet Mom died suddenly. 

Even now it is still hard to understand our loss.  

I miss her when my boys do something really cute or funny.

I know it would make their Nana laugh.

I miss the way....

she loved us and her grandchildren with such unconditional love.

I miss her voice when I called her almost everyday to see what she was up to in her world. 

I miss the way her hands would hold mine or pat me on the back. 

I miss the way she hugged.

I really miss her laugh and smile. 

She had the most beautiful smile.

I miss her beauty inside and out.

When I was little, I always thought she looked like a movie star.

She always acted like a lady.

I miss her pure heart.

I miss her witness of a true unselfish spirit.

I miss the opportunity to see her hold her newest grandbaby. 

I think he has her eyes.

I miss her deeply, but I know she lives on in our hearts and we will see her again.

But that knowledge doesn't stop my heart after two years from pulling up all the emotions, as if we lost her just yesterday.

Love you Mama.


Michelle said...

She sounds wonderful! As I read I couldn't help but think I'd love to be like her... what a great example you had! May God comfort you with His great comfort and fill you with His mighty peace. ♥ Love, Michelle

Mommy Message said...

Thanks so much Michelle..we were really lucky to have her for the time we did...

Anonymous said...

{hugs} to you today

korsega said...

LOVE YOU!!!!! I can't believe it has been two years either - wish I could give you hugs!!!