Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Social Media in a Mommy's World

While working with my reporter hat on recently we interviewed some great folks about this thing we call social media and how it is becoming an important part of the way everyone does business.

Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, all tools of a fairly new trade where many are trying to hop on board quickly to promote and brand their products or business.

But there is also a little phenomenon called the Mommy Blogger.  She even has the New York Times a little worried or maybe it's annoyed.  Mommies are taking the social media world by storm and advertisers and traditional media are taking notice.

Our UNC-TV crew interviewed Molly Gold of MyGoMom Organizers, Sarah Pinnix of Real Life, and Monica Brady of Mommy Brain Reports.  All of these Moms in the feature below have an interesting perspective on how they use social media in business and life.

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