Thursday, December 10, 2009

When a 4-Year-Old Cuts Your Hair

It was without warning. A sneak attack if you will, from behind, no doubt. My sweet little 4-year-old boy's venture into the hair styling business. I still can not believe he did it, but as my friends and my hubby have told me it makes a great story.

I bent down on the floor to attend to my youngest B's daily duty and without warning I felt...
a light grasp of my hair and heard the snip. I looked up and thought to myself, "No he didn't?" But oh yes, he did. My 4-year-old B cut a nice little lock of hair from the back of my head. To say I was offended is an understatement. "Why did you do that?" The interrogation was just too much and he ran to his room. I followed, holding the hair that use to be on my head. He looked up at me with sad eyes and said, "I wanted it to be pretty. I wanted everyone to say you looked pretty." Well that explains everything. I asked if maybe it had something to do with me putting away the toy piano he was banging only five minutes before? No response.

I called my hubby to share with him what HIS son did. He kind of chuckled at first. I agree it is funny, but I was still offended and feeling violated by my own little Edward Scissor Hands. The reality is I can brush the back of my hair to hide the "school house scissor effect" and really if I had not shared my story no one would probably be the wiser. But it does make a great tale, one I should tell years from now to my little guy's prom date.

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