Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Mommy I Met on Facebook

You may feel bombarded on Facebook with ads that really don't seem to make sense to you and your life. Many of the ads on my Facebook page encourage Moms to go back to school to get their degrees. Well this new ad on my page will make you laugh. The ad is encouraging Moms to go back to school, but instead of a lovely Mommy the picture bares a striking resemblance to a very distraught disheveled man, think Joaquin Phoenix's appearance on Late Night with David Letterman.

This is what happens when robots take control of advertising. Trolling the internet for key words and phrases to pop up ads that you might click on. The formula is a bit surreal. You might see some facebook ads pop up with something totally unrelated to your life. One of my friends tried to take certain ads off of her profile. She could not change it and didn't want people to think she advocated the products. I told her it was what her advertising robot chose for her and others would have their own ads. So if you see this scary Mom on your facebook far, far away.

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