Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Give Oprah for Just $5

Jimmy Kimmel calls her our queen and whether you love her or change the channel at the very sight of this Media Royal, a deal is a deal. Face facts, someone in your life loves Oprah, or reads her recommendations from Oprah's Book Club, or loves her list of Oprah's favorite things. I'm just saying...

Mommysavers shared this fabulous deal on O Oprah Magazine. Get one year subscription for only $5/Year. It's a deal! On the Mommysavers Forum other Mommies were talking about how they are starting year three of Oprah for the $5 subscription fee. Would make a nice gift for teachers or the Oprah fans in your life. Thanks Mommysavers.Magazine Steal of the Week: O Oprah Magazine Just $5/Year!

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