Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sad Day at The Zoo

Photo Courtesy of Tom Gillespie

During my job as a freelance reporter/producer I often get to see interesting places, people, and from time to time animals. Last month along with photographer Keith Blatz, we shot a television story involving the gorillas at the North Carolina Zoo.
We enjoyed shooting video of them and watching as the two female gorillas, and the large male silverback lounged in the sun and ate a snack of veggies. On that day the gorillas watched us with half interest between snacking and taking their nap. They are truly amazing animals and that is why news that we lost one of these great apes is especially sad.

One of the gorillas, a 42-year-old-female named Donna, was euthanized at the North Carolina Zoo after a relapse of stomach cancer. Staff and visitors to the NC Zoo will surely miss her. Donna can be seen in our UNC-TV feature the Human Spark 2, on how the NC Zoo is aiding the conservation efforts of Cross River Gorillas in Africa.

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