Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School-The Launch Pad

Here at the Mommy Message we wanted to share some of our Back to School Tips that have helped us blast off on the right trajectory.

This year we have instituted a wonderful thing: the "Launch Pad".

The Launch Pad is an area in your home where you gather all your belongings for the next school or work day.  This includes things like book bags, homework, agenda, and lunch boxes.

Our launch pad is our kitchen bench.  The boys put their bookbags on the bench and their shoe baskets are right beneath.  The night before we we make sure everything on the launch pad is fully loaded and ready to blast off for the next day.

The launch pad has been a tremendous help in the morning when things tend to get rushed at breakfast.  No more looking for books, shoes, or those school incidentals. Everything is in its place.  In a house full of boys that is something wonderful in my mommy universe.

Let me know what tricks you use to make for smoother school takeoffs at your house.

Cheers for Back to School,
a.k.a. "Mommy Bee"


Cindy said...

I like your launch pad idea. In our new house, I have just the corner for it. Right now, it just has hooks on the wall for backpacks and jackets (if we ever need those again!), but I'd love to have a little bench with storage for shoes, lunch boxes, etc. I've been combing craigslist, looking for the right thing to come up!

Anita Barker said...

Our "launch pad" was the kitchen table each morning. I would read a short "kids" devotional and allow my two sons to answer the question at the end. Then, we would have a short prayer. I must say that we prayed for hamsters, cats, dogs, along with grandparents, cousins and aunts. But, the comments shared by young innocent hearts were priceless. I still have some of them written down. We kept the process going even through high school. What a great way to start the day before blasting off to carpool and the bus stop.