Thursday, April 8, 2010

Party Ball in the Sky

"Mommy, there's the party ball in the sky!" our Middle Bee yelled from his window seat in Dora the Ford Explorer.  

We are road tripping first to Jan Gran and Pop's cabin and then to Grandpa's. 

The disco ball in the sky is none other than the Sunsphere in Knoxville, TN a golden 80's relic from the 1982 World's Fair. 

On our way down the highway we play I-Spy and sing our favorite car ride songs.  Our three boys are loving the fun but not so much the car ride. 

 It's hard to get the wiggles out when you are sitting in the car for an extended amount of time.  They are happy when we finally reach...

our first destination in the mountains where they can run wild in a little boy paradise of rocks and sticks.  We then travel to the green rolling pastures of Grandpa's home.  The boys bound out of the car and instantly begin looking for four-leaf clovers.  Like little puppies they scurry about running, jumping, rolling...  It is good to be free..Spring Break free.    

I am looking forward to sharing more about our trip in the next few days.  From bunny biscuits, polar bear swim club, geocaching for goodies, sweet baby nephew fun, and even a trip to Dollywood and Doggywood.  

It shall all be revealed in good fun.  

I hope you all had a blessed Easter with family and friends.  Speaking of friends, while visiting the "party/disco ball capital of the world" (not an official title, you know), we saw two of our college friends and their families at the local mall.  It is so funny that I can go to the mall where we live now and never see anyone I know.  What a wonderful surprise reunion!   

Wish we could see all our old friends while we are here in Rocky Top.  The trip is always so fleeting.      

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Help! Mama Remote... said...

Party ball in the sky so cute yet oh so smart. Hope you all enjoy your trip. It's funny when you see someone you know and you're in another town.