Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hair Apparent

There is something about getting your hair done that just makes everything right in the world.  I know it sounds ridiculous and even a little shallow.  O.K. maybe a lot shallow, but you have to understand I am the heir to a hair dynasty....

Not dynasty like Blake Carrington Dynasty, but my own Mom was all about some hair salon therapy.  For her it was more religion than anything else...

She always had every hair in place.  In high school I even teased her, just like Shelby did her Mom in Steel Magnolias, "Mama's hair looks just like a brown football helmet."

It really did.  We weren't even allowed to touch her hair.  It was almost like a shrine to a perfectly coiffed masterpiece. 

Now, here I am, no football helmet, but I do love the way a new hair cut makes you feel.  Like you can take on the world and anything is possible in a "Mary Tyler Moore throw off your hat" kind of way.  Although a hat would flatten your new hair, so let us just forget that part.

All Mommies seem to have this one thing that makes everything right with the world.  One of my friends loves the way clean sheets on her bed makes her feel, another treasures her weekly pedicure, and for another, it's the way her new mulch looks in the yard and makes everything new again.  She really loves her mulch.

I hope you all find time to discover your inner hairdo or mulch this week.  It really is important to find time for yourself or that one thing that helps recharge your Mommy or Daddy battery.  Don't think of it as being selfish,  think of it as an essential part of staying refreshed and ready for all family life has to offer you.


msrevolution said...

there really is something almost sacred about hair. there is no way to make statements like this without sounding like a wackjob though! when i was a college chaplain, i routinely asked groups of students to go around and relay their hair histories. this always sounded funny and strange, and then it often led to some really deep revelations about people: cancer, chemo, and baldness, failed efforts at fitting in, complicated mother/daughter dynamics, and donations to locks of love. so, all this is to say, i love the post about hair!

Michelle said...

I'm getting recharged right now... reading up on all my favorite blogs! : )