Thursday, April 22, 2010

The End of Crib Captivity, Maybe

While readying the lunch boxes for school departure, I marveled at the stillness and quiet of the house when everyone is still snoozing.  Then I heard a thud and the pitter patter of Little Bee feet.

I assumed his older brother had sprung him from his crib, but when I went upstairs we had a loose toddler, and big brother still sawing logs.  Snap!  Did he just do what I think he did? Surely not!...
As a first time Mommy eight years ago when this crib break happened we went out that day and bought our only 1-year-old climbing boy a toddler bed.

It was the end of captivity and the beginning of a whole new ball game of keeping doors on lock down and a more strenuous night time ritual.

We had no idea how our lives would change.

With our second son he only had to jump out once and never wanted to do so again.  Our Middle Bee liked his crib and I think he would have taken it to college had it not been for a certain baby that moved in on him and kicked him out of his comfy cradle.

Now, Little Bee is truly a climber.  Billy Goat Gruff has nothing on this kid who scales kitchen islands, tables, stairs, couches, and gates without fear and with a look in his eyes that says, "Come on, I dare you to stop me."

This all reminds me of a story Olympic Snowboarding Champion Shaun White's mother Cathy told about how as a youngster Shaun would turn flips off her couch and jump off the entertainment center.  O.K., I can appreciate my kiddo might have Olympic glory in a few years, but I am not ready to nourish this skill quite yet.

My friend SA is also a Mommy of three boys.  Her last two boys are twins and they climbed out of their cribs early too.  My friend is a most resourceful Mama and she solved this problem and found a way to keep the natives captive a little longer with a crib tent. Brilliant!

I am going to find one as soon as possible, because no one is ready for Little Bee to wander with freedom.  We will keep him in crib captivity a little while longer.  Is the age of 10 pushing it too far?

I would love to know what you all did when your babies climbed out of their cribs to freedom.

Let us know on the Mommy Message comments below.  Thanks for sharing your stories and advice.

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Unknown said...

Crib tents x2! Best invention ever! My two helped each othe escape the cribs at around 1 yr. At my twins/triplets+ club, crib tents were spoken about with much reverence. ;). I even got the tents that went on top of the pack 'n plays for when we traveled!