Friday, March 12, 2010

Treat Friday: Starbucks Man We Love You

What a wonderful Friday treat to break up a week filled with sniffles and snuffles.  It is early release day at school for Big Boy Bee.  (I always think "early release" makes it sound like they are prisoners, but anyway.)

At lunch, while Daddy Bee waited to get tires for his car, we decided to all head to get a pizza at a local Italian restaurant.  We were up for the fun task of taking all three bees into the public eye.  Lunch went well, only one knocked over water and Mommy Bee didn't shatter the light when she hit it hoisting the high chair to our table.  So all in all a pleasant meal.

As we headed to the car Daddy Bee and I decided to look for a little coffee pick me up on this rainy Friday and settled on a Starbucks near the pizza restaurant.

We ordered and when the nice man at the window gave us our beverages he looked and saw little smiling faces peering at him.  "Are there three boys back there?"  he smiled.  "Yep, three boys," we said.  He then held up his finger...

to tell us to wait and after a couple of minutes returned with three small cups of whipped cream with carmel and chocolate chips on top.  Wow, Mr. Starbucks Man!

"Here you go!" he said with a smile.  The chorus of thank yous from the back seat rang out like automatic gunfire.  A wonderful treat on a Friday afternoon.  You can't beat that with a stick or a really hard biscotte.

What a sweet random act of kindness.  In a world so use to hurry, he took the time out to brighten the day of our three little boys.  An act of kindness that made Middle Bee say as we drove away, "Starbucks man, we love you."

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Michelle said...

Love that story! I could totally picture you guys in the restaurant (based on our own similar experiences with just 2 boys)... funny! And I love the sweet random act of kindess! Way to go, Starbucks Man! ♥ Michelle