Friday, March 5, 2010

My Left Foot

For those of you who know me as the "graceful swan" this story will surprise you.  O.K., no one knows me as the "graceful swan", but I wish I were a little more graceful.  I realize it will never happen, but at this point I just want to be able to walk, run, maybe hop a little?  But then there is my left foot, it is misbehaving badly or maybe it is a victim in all of this.  I'm not sure, but it hurts like nobody's business.

Last week while putting up clothing in stealth mode as the children slept I stubbed my left pinky toe on a door.  Oh how I stumped it.  Stumped or stubbed just doesn't seem quite the words to describe the violence inflicted on my teeniest of toes.  After impact I ran into our room and nothing makes me more descriptive or sailor-like than when I hurt my toe.  Dear Daddy Bee was at his desk just staring at me because I was a sight to behold.  My toe ended up a nice shade of purple rain.  I thought it was broken.  It looked broken.  Only an X-Ray would tell.....

The podiatrist gave me the good news it was not broken, but he said I know it hurts so I'm going to give you something for the pain.  I hobbled around and only took one pill and felt my baby toe feeling much better.  I even worked out one day and avoided anything to do with a toe tap.

Then after a work shoot last week I was visiting our local McDonalds for an unsweet tea and the use of their restrooms.  It was raining hard and I didn't realize the floor in McD's was wet. On the way out of the restrooms my left foot went air born.  I could feel all eyes on me in the crowded restaurant as I worked to stick my landing on my feet not my posterior. 

I lurched forward, then backward and settled on a ballerina's point with my two middle toes.  The second toe next to biggie taking the brunt of the landing.  I know the construction workers seated to my right saw right through my grimaced smile as I quickly exited in embarrassed hurry.  I thought briefly of telling an employee about the hazard lying wait near the back of their restaurant.  But, again with the embarrassed hurry, and who wants to stand at a counter while people wait for their fries and describe my toe problems.  Not me, not ever.  Even if I were to get Happy Meals for the rest of my natural life.

I tried to convince myself I had just twisted it a little, but the next morning it was painfully clear, in more ways than one, my left foot was clearly having a bad run of it.  My toe may be broken, but what can they do?  Tape them together, I can do that at home.  So, now I wait for better feet to come forward wearing my comfy Ugg-like boots and taking a pill or two until the day I will trade my feet for those of a supermodel or a super foot model.  


Mimi said...

My grandma used to call me Grace because I'm anything but!

I'm just stopping by from SITS to say hello & welcome!

Anonymous said...

I do love me some McD's fries and soft serve ice cream...their iced tea ain't bad, too. I would have done the same as you...not said anything out of embarrassment. I totally would have slipped and made a HUGE scene. I fall just standing up! lol

I broke the toe next to my pinky toe years ago. I CAN.NOT.TELL.YOU.HOW.BAD.IT.FELT.

Who knew you rely so much on your toes!

Found ya via #SITS on twitter. :-) Gotta love the SITS gals!