Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Twitter Party with Old Friends

For a girl who is doing a TV story on Social Media this week, I am still the new kid in class when it comes to Twitter.  I have been tweeting since December and really enjoy the group of Mommies and family friendly businesses I've connected with on the micro-blogging site.  So imagine my surprise when a company I have history with invites me to a Twitter party.  What will I wear, what should I say, will my dance card be full?  Uh, yeah, it might sound weird, but Twitter parties are fun!

This party was hosted by Tommy Nelson Kids publishers of family friendly books and media for children.  The topic was how to get a sponsor for your website or blog.

Some number of years ago...

(I'm not telling) I as a pony-tailed coed from the true UT (Go Vols) spent two summers knocking on the doors of countless families with preschool age children.

Some people politely said no thank you, some not so politely, and others invited me into their homes to rev up the sales talk to show my wares, which just happen to be books published by Thomas Nelson, the big Daddy of Tommy Nelson.

I remember the excitement from the children, many who lived in rural Indiana and Georgia, over the children's books and Bibles.  The books made an impression on the children and the parents.

I sold quite a few Thomas Nelson books those summers, but what stayed with me was the powerful connection those products made with the customers.  Those families were proud to purchase quality educational and inspirational products for their family.

When I delivered the children's books their faces would beam in anticipation and delight.  My summer of selling books door to door taught me hard knocks but it also taught me the powerful connection we can create with a product that inspires.

Back to my Twitter Party:  So I gathered together with other like minded women and some men to learn great tips on getting blog sponsors.  It was a great time of learning new tips and what having a sponsor relationship is all about.  I tweeted during the  Twitter party all while editing a story on Social Media for our statewide PBS station.  It is multi-tasking Mommy media at it's finest and sleepiest.

So, if I get a sponsor for Mommy Message to travel to a conference, I now know what to expect and what to give in return.  The fact that my Twitter dance card now holds an old friend whose products I love is just icing on my Twitter party cake.

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