Monday, February 15, 2010

How Do You Spell Presidents Day?

 It is Presidents Day.  All of my little Boy Bees are at home today.  Biggest Boy Bee is off from school for the big day.  I thought I would ask my little guys what Presidents Day is all about.  Here are their answers:

Big Bee: It is the third Monday in February, George Washington's birthday.  We celebrate because it was his birthday and he was our first President.

Middle Bee: President's day has "Rocka Bama" in it.  You clean your room and stay home.

Little Bee: (When I ask him he just smiles and says, "no".  Well, he is only 1.)

Here is what we know about Presidents Day....

Today is not officially Presidents Day across the country.  It is more accurately George Washington's Birthday.

It is only celebrated in 12 states as Presidents Day.  In Virginia is it simply George Washington's Day.  The Mother State refuses to have it any other way.

The federal statue sets aside the third Monday of February to honor our first President's birthday who was born February 22, 1732.

In 1968 there was a failed attempt to make a specific federal date to honor Abraham Lincoln's birthday as well as Washington's on the same day.  But it didn’t have the votes to get out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. So the federal folks officially call Presidents’ Day Washington’s Birthday. Since that time 12 states have designated their very own Presidents Day.

Did I tell you there is also a spelling controversy.  Who knew?

Some states call it Presidents’ Day, but the AP, which thinks using nouns as adjectives is a great idea, uses Presidents Day.

One thing’s for sure spelling President’s Day is frowned upon by grammar police everywhere, even though everybody seems fine putting the apostrophe in the same place when they spell Washington’s Birthday.

So wherever you are, whatever you are doing Happy Presidents Day or Presidents' Day or President's Day or George Washington's Birthday to you.

Maybe you are just heading out for the traditional Presidents Day sales or grabbing 75% off of next year's Valentines.  The Bees hope you have a "Rocka" good day!  "Rocka Bama" that is....


Sturgmom said...

I had no idea the day was so fraught with controversy. Before reading this I would have told you "Presidents' Day" was correct b/c it's referring to more than one president. And it's the day belonging to them. But now I just don't know!

Mommy Message said...

Now, I have confused us all! lol :-) I had no idea it was such a big deal either until I investigated this little bit of Americana.