Friday, February 19, 2010

To Do or Not To Do: Friday

Oh how I had grand plans of organization this fine Friday morning.  My to do list filled and my objectives set.  Nothing to stop me from accomplishing my list until the house shines like a new copper penny.  (Do they still make them from copper?)

Anyway, as the 80's song will play, "Nobody gonna break my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, Oh no, I've got to keep a moving."  I love that song.

Things were going well for the plan.   The old chest that needed to go to Goodwill was loaded in Dora the Ford Explorer using my super human furniture moving might...

 that comes over me when I want something out of my home or in another location.  Yes, all was well with the world.  I was fixin (southern dictionary) to reclaim a little bit of square footage at me casa.

When I arrived at the Goodwill I hoisted the chest of drawers out of Dora and really felt a little lighter knowing the chest was going to do some good.  Only, the furniture was not going to be able to live at the Goodwill because of a drawer problem.  As I looked at the lovely young lady telling me I would have to hoist the chest back into Dora the Ford Explorer,  I felt my super human furniture moving powers slipping away.  Her words, my kryptonite. 

Luckily she had a dolly, and we both got the chest back into Dora.  Only this time, it wouldn't fit.  No matter how we moved it or which way we shoved it, the chest which spent quality time as college furniture for Mr. Bee and a dresser for our Baby Bees, simply did not want to come back to our home.  That's O.K., I didn't want it to either. 

As I was contemplating what to do, the lovely lady let out what could only be a sigh of pity and said, "Just leave it here, we have a big truck that comes and takes our furniture away."  Music to my ears I tell you.  I said thank you a few times too many and then stepped back into Dora the Ford Explorer to drive away.  That's when my sweet middle Bee starts to cry, "Where is our chest going? I love that chest!"

Back at home the boys wanted nothing to do with my games of 52 Toy Pickup or Fold the Clothes Into Sandwiches.  Nope, they wanted to play real games and so I laid down my to do list, got on my hat and gloves and we headed to the great chilly outdoors to ride bikes, scare cats, and enjoy nature.

I watched as the two little Bee boys built a rock garden by transporting all the rocks from the current rock garden onto the grass.  It was hard work, lots of cooperation, but pure fun and brotherly sport.

So, somebody did go and break my stride, but it was for a good cause and they are really cute stride breakers.  Now, I just need to summon that super human might to tackle some chores with the distraction of nap time and a little Clifford on PBS Kids.  Have a great weekend and may the Mommy Force be with you.

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