Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

It is official. Our littlest Boy Bee is a two year old.  He is a dumpling of a guy with big blue eyes,  sweet dimpled smile, and chunky monkey legs that make you just want to eat him up. This birthday is a celebration of a once premature baby who now takes on the world with toddler zeal.

Sometimes it is hard to believe this hardy heart throb came into the world at 33 weeks,  a 4lbs 1oz little boy bean.  But true to his personality, he does things Little Bee style, so different than his brothers, but yet the same.

Two years ago Little Bee could not wait....

until his April 4th due date to come into this world.  After a week and a half of bed rest at the hospital for Mommy, he came quickly not even waiting for our doctor to come into the room or even letting the nurse break down the hospital bed.

No, he did a surprise entrance into our hearts.  Looking at his tiny hands, feet, and head I remember wondering how we could possibly take this little boy who looked more like a toy doll home to his big brothers who would want nothing more than to hug him to pieces.

Little Bee stayed at the hospital for over three weeks in the Special Care Unit.  My older Boy Bees had been over their due dates and now with this new venture into preemie land, I felt like a first time Mommy all over again.  It was hard leaving the hospital without my baby, hard to see him hooked up to monitors, hard to see a feeding tube

But, two years later our miracle boy is happy and healthy.  He is lovely and cuddly and the true baby of the family.  Happy Birthday sweet baby boy.  You are a present all on your own.

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Michelle said...

That is so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes! Happy birthday little Bee! And thanks so much for your comment on my "burping" post... it sounds like I'm in good company! <3 - Michelle