Friday, January 15, 2010

Sisterhood of the Mess

One of my most treasured times is when I am in the presence of awesome women. Women who inspire me to be a better mother, wife, sister, and friend.  You know these women.  They laugh when you tell stories about how someone flushed a Pullup down the potty, they advise you when your mothering is not motoring along, and they comfort you when life hands you unexpected grief or difficulty.  Yes, I know some awesome women from childhood, college, career, and now motherhood.

Just so happened I got to see one of my circle of Wonder Mommies just last night....

at my MOPS meeting.  No it's not a group for cleaning, but a Mother of Preschoolers group that has inspired and often times lifted me from the pits of  Mommydom for seven years running. (Yes, I know, I should be a gold circle member by now)

We swapped stories of boos boos and bedtime battles and how our children think burping is just the funniest thing.  Among these women there is a comfort, a familiarity, and a sense that we are all in the boat together and everybody takes a turn at row.

Last night we watched a video from author and speaker Julie Barnhill.  She is the author of One Tough Mother and has appeared on Oprah.  Her humor and perspective on parenting and motherhood is just what the doctor ordered the night before hubby leaves on a business trip.  Her message to us is we are all a mess.  Hearing those words somehow brought comfort to our room full of Super Mommies who each day labor hard to strike that delicate balance of family, work, and play.  Being a Super Mom means you are a Super Mess.  Life is messy, memory is messy, relationships are messy, house is messy, that's O.K.  We are all in the same mess.  What a relief.

If you are struggling with juggling all the balls of motherhood, or maybe you don't have kids, just life in general is coming at you full throttle, please take heart.  There is a "Sisterhood of the Mess" and we've got your back, especially if there is banana smeared on your jacket.  I mean, who else is going to tell you?

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