Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mommy's New Bauble

Every Mommy needs a little jewelry, right? With three boys, well really four...if you count my cute husband, my house is not much on the girlie side these days. Jewelry is something I can indulge my "I Feel Pretty, West Side Story, Maria in the white dress, being a girl" self in. For my birthday, my Mother and Father-In-Law gave me a gift to use towards my new girlie venture, a Pandora bracelet.

I just got my Pandora bracelet today and I love it. It is silver and has two clips and a little boy bead. As I gaze at my new bauble, I see the faces of my little boys trying to pick out the perfect charm. I realize my bracelet will more than likely be filled with beads in the shape of turtles, rabbits, and whatever other animal bead the store sells, but I am excited to think of the possibilities.

Just think of how easy I have made shopping for Mommy. It feels like an indulgence, but a rather cute one. Oh cute, another "girlie word" the boys won't let me say in my house anymore. My four-year-old son tells me now to substitute the word cute for the word awesome. Alright, it is a totally awesome charm bracelet and I look forward to watching it grow, just like my "cute" boys.

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