Friday, January 7, 2011

It Takes a Treadmill Village

Once again we braved the packed gym for my Fitness Challenge workout today.  I have never seen so many mini-vans at one place in my entire life.  And just for recording purposes, it looks like the Honda Odyssey wins over the Sienna in my neck of the woods.  Mini-vans as far as the eye can see...

I decided to jump on the treadmill for a long winters run.  Today I ran for an hour and logged 4.8 miles and burned 648 calories.  Not bad, but I could be faster.  I'm getting there little by little.

A curious thing is when I stay on a treadmill for more than 20 minutes, you get to see the treadmill styles of others around you.  I find it quite amusing.  It's a little like bird watching, except, you are one of the birds.

Some folks, we will call them the roadrunners, jump on their treadmill and ramp up the speed really fast only to jump off after 10 minutes.

Then others get right beside you and try to race you to the imaginary finish line.   You know, you speed up, they speed up, back and forth..

Then there was treadmill talker.  The entire time he talked on his cell phone on a business call as he walked briskly.  I know entirely too much about his meeting tomorrow and his holidays.

There are also readers, music boppers, and my personal favorite the treadmill grunter.  Yes, sometimes in a treadmill race, a good grunt is all you need to finish off your opponent.

Watching the village of treadmills around me provided enough entertainment to take my mind off of my own heavy feet, red face, and the sound of a little voice in my head that kept saying,  "Stop and go to the sauna, head to the sauna"....

It truly did take a treadmill village today to get me through.


Debbie said...

See anybody like me? I walk up, look at it, and walk away:)

Jake said...

You are good observer, for me I hardly stare one spot for 10 seconds, and I always look around to find something interesting on treadmills. But I'm not observer.