Friday, June 11, 2010

Secret Agent and a Sugar Rush

We continue our vacation time at the mountain cabin with the grandparents: Jan Gran and Pop.  The boys are having fun playing outdoors.  It is beautiful here in the North Carolina mountains.  The weather is sunny and it was actually warm enough to dip into the lake, but not too warm.  Mountain air, ahhhh...

One of the boys favorite activities is to go into town.

The town of Sparta has many attractions to suit the likings of little boys.  They have a bowling alley, a hardware store, and a Dollar General or the Family Dollar.  Yes, everything a young lad might need.

After dinner the boys were itching for a trip to one of the dollar stores.  They could not wait because they know that their Pop will most likely give them a dollar to buy a toy or trinket.

Our four year old came running over yelling, "Mommy a muss-take, a muss-take!"

I wasn't quite sure what a muss-take was or how we could use it.

Apparently he read my mind. "No, mommy, a mustache!  Just like a spy," he said.

We turned the corner and there it was, a machine that dispensed fake mustaches and even fake moles. Nice!

He put his 50 cents in, but unfortunately out popped two fake moles.  Not what this super spy wannabe had in mind.

The next 50 cents produced the most wonderfully fuzzy secret spy mustache you will find anywhere.

He immediately put it on and even donned the mole to turn into an adorable Inspector Clouseau impersonator.  He even crosses his arms like a professional.

Our eight year old decided to take his time to pick the perfect way to spend his dollar.  He looked on the toy aisle and settled on the candy section.  When it was all said and done he came out of the store with the largest lollipop in his eight year history.  He always sees those lollipops, but I have never let him have one.

"I spent my money wisely, " he said.  "I've always wanted a lollipop this huge!"

Heaven help the sugar rush that followed and continued on into the next day, until the very last morsel of lollipop was gone.

After the aftermath of sugar we told him he has to wait another eight years to get a lollipop of that magnitude.  He said that would be fine, because it was his dream candy.

It's amazing what a dollar bill can do to make all your dreams come true.

It is vacation after all....