Friday, May 21, 2010

Mismatched Mama

For all you moms who teeter on the seesaw of life:  mommies on one side, offspring on the other, here is a definite mommy moment or maybe a mommy brain moment.

After a frazzled attempt to arrive at the gym amid little boy whines about how they didn't want to go to the gym, echoing at the house and in the car, we finally made it to our destination.

I dropped off the kiddos in childcare and then went to change into my workout clothes.  Yes, success.

As I opened my gym bag to get out my fitness gear, I noticed two things not quite the same.

Two different tennis shoes, but one left foot and one right.  I suppose I had that to be thankful for....

I looked up to find a woman staring at me, obviously intrigued by my current dilemma.  I quickly felt I needed to explain they were not a matched pair and that I had left the house in a hurry.   I think she already knew all that, but for some reason I felt it needed explanation.  Her workout outfit matched perfectly by the way.  

So for what seemed like 20 minutes I stared at my shoes thinking I could just go to the sauna instead. But no, I had worked hard on my journey to work out.  I would not miss this opportunity for some mommy time when those times are often few and far between.

So, I put the yellow, gray, and white New Balance on my left foot and my blue, orange, and white New Balance on the right foot.

So styling, so not caring that I could possibly be the biggest workout goober to walk the planet.  At least my watch that lets you know how many calories you burn looks pretty cool.  Maybe it would distract from my feet?

I had a great workout in the Strictly Strength class.  No one cared about my shoes.  I even pointed it out out to one of my buddies, who smiled and politely said she hadn't noticed.  It was funny and I love a good laugh.

So if you are feeling mismatched today in other ways, maybe it's just you can't get the day going quite the way you want it to, take heart.

Slap on those mismatched shoes and proudly go where moms everywhere have to go when it's time to recharge your parenting battery, even if you have to pass through crazy town to get there.

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