Saturday, May 1, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our beautiful new garden fence is finished.  Just in time to keep the deer and bunnies at bay from our growing vegetables.  The fence is inspired by a picture of Martha Stewart's garden fence at one of her many homes.

My Dear Hubby Bee built the fence with an arched gate, copper fence caps and wire given to him by his beloved grandmother CeCe.  CeCe would definitely approved..

of this latest project.

My Angel Face Roses even get to stand welcome at the entry.  Their sweet smell of lavender rose offers a cheery hello.  

When Hubby Bee would dig a fence post and set it in cement, he would then take one of the boy's hand prints in another wet mold.  The result is cute little stepping stones with the brothers' little paws on them.

We planted tomatoes, peppers, squash, basil, even some watermelon.  My fear is the watermelon is going to take over the garden's little universe, but the boys insisted. 

They had so much fun helping their Daddy build the garden fence.  The boys loved connecting to where their food comes from and enjoyed planting the seeds and watching them grow.

The other night we saw our tender garden's arch nemisis:  "The Bunny".   He was sitting at our garden gate looking all Peter Rabbit as he sniffed under the gate in search of our latest crop.

Not today silly rabbit.  There's a new fence in town.  No more hop-thru veggies for you.  Unless you work your fitness and find a spot to squeeze through.  Let's not think about that....


Michelle said...

Aw, that gate is so lovely! And the stepping stones by the roses are a beautiful touch! ♥ Michelle

msrevolution said...

this scene looks like an all-around blast for everyone involved! my boys did a little planting this year, though they are still a tad too young. next year, i hope they're covered in dirt all spring long!