Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy Bee

Daddy Bee is having a birthday today.  This is the day when he catches up to my age for the rest of the year.

I am six months older than my handsome hubby, something our little boy B'ees think is strange.

They don't understand how Daddy can be taller than Mommy and Mommy is older.

Go figure.  A life mystery.

 We decided to have a birthday luncheon for Daddy Bee.  This of course sounds like a soiree, but the luncheon included our two older B'ees (because Baby Bee was napping) and a cat sitting under our outdoor table.

Lingering over the smell of seared tuna, Oreo our Norwegian Forest Cat could not resist the hope that he just might snag himself a kitty snack from the birthday celebration.

Of course, I would have loved to cook this birthday meal, but those of you who know me also know Daddy Bee is the iron chef in our family.  He created a wonderful birthday lunch with only a small suggestion from me for a side dish of asian slaw.

We received two heads of cabbage this week from Farmer John and our crop share for CSA.  So, we need to make something everyday with cabbage.  Sometimes cabbage can be a hard sell with the kiddos, but this asian slaw turned out sweet and sour and very yummy.

After the meal we had birthday berry pie.  Also, not made by the Mommy Bee, but a delicious one from our neighborhood Whole Foods.  The only thing is....I couldn't find our birthday candles, which always sit in our spice cabinet.  So, I improvised with a large taper candle.  I agree, not the most elegant, but it fit right in with our outdoor dining, cat under that table, and boy talk of Pokemon kind of theme party.

Hubby even started to reminisce about when his great grandmother would bake pies.  I really want to start to make pies.  I think it would be fun.  I've only made about five pies in my life, but I would love to make one from scratch.  My past pie endeavors were all about pudding and a store bought pie crust. Can I really even count those?  Hubby says no.

We ended up the birthday day with a car ride.  Sometimes we like to go on weekend rides and grab a coffee and sight see around town peering out the windows of Dora the Ford Explorer.  We ended up near hubby's college alma mater.  The boys really wanted pizza for dinner.  So we grabbed some slices of NY Pizza from the college strip.  Huge pieces of pizza for only two dollars a slice.  One piece of pizza looked like a half a pizza.  You have to love student pricing.

So, we had a car picnic dinner with cheese pizza and bottled water for everyone.   It may not sound like the fanciest of birthday dinners, but I think Daddy Bee appreciated the fun and relaxing atmosphere.  Well, maybe not relaxing, but lots of togetherness and greasy hands.

Happy Birthday sweet husband. I am glad you finally caught up with my age.  Next year may I suggest a baby sitter and a restaurant that doesn't allow cats under the table?

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