Friday, April 16, 2010

Fabulous Friend Friday

You know sometimes you have these amazing friends.  They probably live right around the corner or down the street and maybe in the next neighborhood, but you never seem to be able to get together.

Life is always so busy.

You know your friends are there tucked away in their home down the lane and that gives you comfort.  When they call to tell you they are moving to Prague for two years, you then realize, "Oh no! We were suppose to get together more!"

So this Friday, we met my sweet friend...

Beth and her adorable kiddos boys ages 9, 7, plus her cutie pie girl age 4 and brought my trio of guys to the roller skating rink.  We had so much fun, but we now realize the boys here in the Bee Hive need to practice our skating skills a little more.  The bigger Bees ages 8 and 4 ended up on the floor quite a bit, but they loved it.

My 2 year old Bee was petrified of the little wheels on his feet and wanted me to carry him sort of like pairs roller skating.  How do those athletes carry another person on their shoulder in Olympic ice skating?  After skating with a 30 pound boy on my hip, my hat goes off to them.

We then went for a little dinner to spend some more time with our friends.  So two Mommies and a six pack of kiddos invaded TGI Fridays where the favorite of the day was the children's rasberry slushie lemonade.  The waitress brought two rounds of them.  My guys have been going to the bathroom ever since.  Good times.

We enjoyed seeing everyone on our outing.  It is hard to imagine how big these children we have known since preschool and babyhood will be when they return from their tour of Europe.

Two years seems like a long time, but until then we will hold them in our hearts and wait for their return so we can have more adventures just like today with our fabulous friends.

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