Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wrestle Mania: He-Man Style

There is a whole lot of wrestle mania that goes on here at the bee hive.  My boys love to take all the comforters off the bed and wrestle with their Daddy Bee.  Most times Daddy Bee is playing the part of some character the boys make up and he is usually the bad guy or the transportation.  The themes range from a mixed assortment of Star Wars to super hero and the results border on the hilarious.

After the boys watched free episodes on Hulu of the old-school cartoon He-Man, Middle Bee has turned his ultimate fighting nights into a dual for the Masters of the Universe.  Let me tell you, this boy is serious.

When he is feeling in the He-Man spirit...

he has been known to be entirely clothed and the next as soon as you can say 'Superman in a phone booth' transformed into He-Man complete with Power Ranger undies.  Well, it does look like what you wear when you have the power of Grayskull, doesn't it?

These are some of the things I hear when I am staying in a galaxy or room far far away from the action.
"No, Daddy you are Battle Cat or Skeletor, but not Darth Vader."

"I'm Luke Skywalker and you are Baby Yoda, but I am still He-Man."

"By the power of Grayskull, I have the the power!"
One evening too too long ago, when Daddy Bee and I were getting ready to leave on our big date night, our friends Trudy and daughter Brenna agreed to watch our trio.  We were planning our exit when I looked around and saw 4-Year-Old Middle Bee mid transformation into He-Man complete with the power of Grayskull in his eyes.

There he stood proudly with hands on hips in his skivvies flexing his muscles for Ms. Trudy and Ms. Brenna to show them he indeed had the makings of super hero material.

I tried to gently explain later why wearing underoos as a costume might surprise our visitors, but he seemed unfazed by my suggestion.  "Mommy, that's what He-Man wears and Ms. Trudy knows that too."  Excuse me, I stand corrected.

You know it makes me sad to know these days of fearless make believe are fleeting.  The seriousness and commitment to the play will one day be replaced and forgotten by other activities of our big boy bees.

One day He-Man will no longer visit our house or Castle Grayskull, rather.  But I will remember and miss the days when little He-Man use to stop by in full costume or lack there of, and yell at the top of his lungs such classics as, "I have the power and where is my Battle Cat!"


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Too cute! I have boys too and remember those days (when they were smaller) that they thought they were super heroes. The walking around in underwear thing though...that hasn't stopped yet ;)

Trudy said...
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Trudy said...
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