Sunday, February 7, 2010

Qubo and the Pillow Pets

On a recent school field trip one of my son's friends asked him about a popular TV show on Disney.  My oldest Bee said he didn't watch that show anymore.  I explained we no longer have cable, to which one Mommy joked to me, "I didn't think I knew anyone who actually lives like that."  

We don't have cable anymore, but we do have a digital tuner for over-the-air television reception, think rabbit ears 2010.  So now for children's programming my kids only have PBS and a kid's channel called Qubo.  Qubo has some charming shows like Babar, Pipi Longstockings, and my three Bees' personal favorite:  Rescue Heros.

Qubo delivers good clean entertainment and a healthy bombardment of mostly "As Seen on TV" like commercials that the kids love and repeat to me and want me to come watch with them.  You've got your Aqua Sand, Remote Helicopter, Bumpits, Choptastic, Bendaroos, and the boys all time favorite, Pillow Pets.....

"It's a pet, it's a pillow, it's a pillow pet."  Those pets have ingrained that catchy tune in my head. The boys fell head over heels for everything Pillow Pet - the jingle, the pillow, the pet - and wanted one each for Christmas.

Santa did not bring them but the grandparents,  JG and Pop, did give the boys their little heart's desire.  I've got to say the boys are as excited today as they were at Christmas about their Pillow Pets.

The Pillow Pets are super soft and fluffy and made of high quality fabric that washes well.

We now have a frog, a dog and a panda who often days join as touring buddies around town.

The Bee Boys also prop up on their Pillow Pets to read their favorite bedtime story.

I don't always believe what the TV jingles tell me, but this time it is without a doubt a good quality product.  Plush, cute, and cuddly, the Pillow Pet gets the Three Bee seal of approval.

Yes, I did just make up my own seal  of approval, but I want a way to share with you what my three little guys adore.  They do love the Pillow Pets.  Now, my Middle Boy Bee wants me to get those hair Bumpits, I guess better than the Thigh Master.

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Sturgmom said...

We have an elephant and a leopard at our house. They are great for travel! And don't even get my older son started on the merits of Aqua Globes and Green Bags...