Monday, January 11, 2010

The Greatest Pet on Earth

I am happy to report we have come to a peaceful resolution to our hamster dilemma.  It involves packets, water, and very little feeding.  We got Sea Monkeys.  We bought a kit for our neighbor Emma's birthday and the boys fell in love with the idea of breeding their own Sea Monkey empire.

 To start the process...
we added  the "water purifier" package to the water on the first day.  We are now on Stage 2 of our Sea Monkey journey, we poured the egg packet in the nice plastic aquarium with the faux gold coins on the bottom.  The packet also contains salt, yeast, and coloring.

The boys were a little concerned when the eggs did not hatch instantly.  We reassured them it would be around Friday for their new pets to hatch.  I had no idea they were a species of brine shrimp.  Should be most interesting.

As a child I too wanted Sea Monkeys, but for some reason, we never got them.  I am secretly intrigued to see what happens with what the brochure calls, "The Greatest Pet on Earth".  No joking, it really says that on the Sea Monkey manual.

Although I am still getting emails from my oldest son telling me he wants a hamster, the sign campaign is over and I am hoping the fascination with our little Sea Monkeys will help my two oldest boys forget all about wanting hamsters.  Especially after hearing all of you talk about the smell, the biting, the escaping, and the mess: Sea Monkeys do sound like the greatest pet on earth.

Stay tuned, we shall see..

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Cindy said...

Good for you for holding out on the hamsters! Must've been tough!

We, too, had Sea Monkeys a couple of years ago. (Of course we did...we're living parallel lives, aren't we?) They lasted longer than I thought they would. Don't get your hopes up too high...they're not cuties like hamsters! Ha ha!