Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cleaning Ahhhhhh!

 I always tell the children, "never say never", "can't is a bad word", and "nothing is impossible".  But I must admit I may not be drinking my own Kool-Aid today. 

Cleaning is impossible. That's how I feel with my three busy boys.  Keeping my house in order is a major frustration right now.  Someone is always behind me undoing the doing. 

Maybe you can help me figure out what is wrong with my cleaning plan...

 Step 1 - Sweep kitchen

Step 2 - Steam mop kitchen (with my Shark Steam Mop, love it :-)

Step 3 - Oops, when I am steam mopping Littlest Boy Bee finds a pencil and writes on the wall

Step 4 - Clean wall

Step 5 - Make a list of chores and assign them to the Older Boy Bees

Step 6 - Oops, while assigning chores Littlest Bee pulls a bag of cheese curls off the counter by the wrong end

Step 7 - Stop dog from eating an entire bag of cheese curls now on the floor

Step 8 - Clean up cheese curls

Step 9 - Whew. Tell everyone to take a break

Step 10 - Drink tea and contemplate, "What's so bad about waiting until tomorrow to clean?"  (Clean floors are so overrated, right?)

But them I am snapped back to reality by a shoe horn whacking me in the arm.
There stands Mr. Little Bee smiling at me.  Thank God for the smiles!


Aneda said...

Aahh, the mistake is step 7! The whole reason you own a dog is to act like a shark steam vaccuum, which you can follow with a quick swipe of the steam mop to kill the dog drool germs! ;)
And Littlest Bee and CJ sound like they could be true partners in crime.

Amy said...

So true! The cleaning never seems completed and the repetition of it all really gets to me sometimes. Chloe can make a mess in a heartbeat; I can't imagine having 3 of her running around!