Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Boy's Club

Apparently there are special privileges awaiting mothers of boys.

"You get to walk right through the pearly gates", the 70-something gentleman chortled to himself as he watched me try to wrangle my three-boy posse through a crowded store. Later the same day as my two oldest jockeyed for position on my shopping cart the sweetest lady smiled and proclaimed to me that there was a silver-lined cloud waiting for me someday. I am not sure what prompted these celestial endorsements, but I am sure it had something to do with my three-man vaudeville variety act. For some reason the sight of boys in triplicate brings out musing stares, knowing glances, and lots of sage advice.

Boys are fun. The energy is boundless and the questions keep coming. Boys have a penchant for finding the action with such sticky-sweet peanut butter and jelly perfection. I love this about my guys: the ability to savor any moment no matter how simple. Whether it's a rock in the road or a giant toad in our backyard you can bet the excitement just never ends. I wish I could be so easily entertained.

But this boundless energy and curiosity seems to be lost on some folks. Sometimes when we are in the public eye I can sense others not quite relishing in the magic of my trio's youthful exuberance. Take the gentleman that fixes our eye glasses. After my middle guy's eleventh lap around the lobby, the man proclaimed "energy is wasted on youth". I smiled my apologetic smile and wondered if this particular brand of commentary was jealousy or annoyance. I had trouble telling the difference, but I have a feeling annoyance could be the first reason. I was certainly almost there myself.

In the many "boy" books I have read recently it talks about how boys are all gross motor and abound with constant energy. The trick for me is directing all of that seemingly immortal energy into constructive activity. We have soccer, the pool, bikes, running, and digging in the dirt. Trips to the mountains, museums, and aquariums are also favorites.

My little pack is constantly on the go and there seems to be no end in sight for what they can do with their energy. I adore their logic finding and inquisitive quests for all life has to offer. At the end of the day I know the fun of "boy wrangling" is an investment in their future, even if it takes lots of parental gasoline to pull it off.

So about that cloud....I'll take the cumulus spa package please.


Sandra said...

Heather...Love your perspective on boys! I too am a mother to 3 little I totally get it!

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

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